About Us


Your Baker and Treat Maker

Hi, my name is Shawntae S. Auguste, Florida Native born and raised in Tampa. I am a bold believer in Christ, a wife, and a busy mother of three. My passion for the kitchen started when I was a little girl and my grandmother Mary Hill aka “Mae” was always in the kitchen cooking or baking. She would always let me pull a chair up to the stove and let me help stir, pour, or mix up something and before I knew it  cooking and baking became a “thing” for me. When it comes to the kitchen, I must say… I Love it here!!!! 

My Journey

About 20 years ago, my mom and I decided to take a baking course at our local cake supply store called the Honey Bee Bake Shop in Tampa. After completing the course I thought I would be on the fast track to decorating cakes for every event possible… WRONG… life happened and altered my ambitious cake plans almost diminishing them completely. Over the years I would do cakes and treats here and there but it never really took off but during the onset of the pandemic in 2020 classes and financing became available for me to revive my passion for baking and get back into the kitchen.  

My Brand

 Little Baked Blessings is brand that aims to empower our clients to celebrate life's blessings one bite at a time… I mean who doesn't love celebrating with cupcakes loaded with icing and sprinkles… Just saying… So give us a call, you won’t be disappointed!!!!

Every Bite Is A Blessing!!